Avalon Petroleum Company

Quality Petroleum Products Since 1925

The Company - Avalon Petroleum remains one of the largest independent petroleum distributors in the Midwest, offering a combination of quality products and outstanding service.

Product Quality - Avalon offers a complete product line of gasolines, diesel fuels, lubricants, and specialty products, all of which are major brand products direct from the manufacturer.  Product quality is tested at all stages of supply, including the product terminal and the customer tanks.

Major Brand Products - Avalon has supply relationships with every major manufacturer, including BP Amoco, Shell, ExxonMobil, Marathon, and Citgo.  Our large size and independent status ensure uninterrupted product supply and the finest products available.

People - Avalon employs experienced and motivated workers who understand the uniqueness of each customer.  Our employees' customer focus and service is the driving force behind our business success.  We employ a sales and service staff to directly interact with our customers.

Service - Avalon has invested in the people and equipment necessary to provide quality service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We recognize and define our customers' needs and then provide the complete supply solutions for each case.

Communication and Compliance - Avalon offers informative updates and information regarding product specifications, tax regulations, and technological improvements.  We regularly keep our customers informed via direct sales calls, newsletters, and our website @ avalonpetroleum.com.

Company Owned Fleet - Avalon has invested in a state of the art delivery fleet, equipped with two way radios, GPS tracking systems, and extensive pumping systems to handle any delivery need.  Our fleet consists of specially designed tractor trailers, straight trucks, and delivery cars dispatched from several company terminals.

Professional Company Drivers - Avalon has experienced, motivated drivers who become familiar with your needs. Every driver is accountable to our standards, and recognizes your importance to our firm.

Transport, Tankwagon, or Direct Delivery - Avalon's modern, flexible fleet can deliver products below ground, above ground, or directly to your equipment.

Order Desk or Dispatch - Our operations staff is in direct contact with our drivers on a 24/7 basis, and can monitor supply changes, traffic, and weather to ensure timely, efficient product delivery.  The operations department will learn your specific needs and exceed them.

Complete Lubricant Lines - Avalon supplies major brand automotive and heavy duty lubricants as part of our lubricant line.  From quarts to large bulk deliveries, our company  owned lubricant fleet can make same day deliveries  and provide emergency service.  Our sales staff is trained to meet the changing lubricant specifications and requirements.

Fuel and Lubricant Storage and Dispensing Systems - Avalon offers  quality bulk systems to comply with local, state, and federal regulations for fuel storage.  We stock a complete line of tanks and dispensing equipment for a quick turnaround, and have our own service staff to make necessary tank or pump repairs.  Our employees can quickly diagnose and resolve product or equipment problems.

Additive technology - Avalon offers a complete additive line, from marine use to heavy duty truck applications.  Constant changes to EPA regulations and fuel technology mean additives are no longer a luxury, but a must.  Avalon has direct supply relationships with all major additive manufacturers.